10 Largest Islands of World

This article is all about major islands, biggest islands, largest islands of world spread in different oceans and seas throughout the world. The list provides the names of 10 largest islands of the world in decreasing order of area. There are some islands which are ruled by a single country for example Australia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Japan. Australia although technically being an island, is not considered as island because it is big enough to considered as a continent. There are certain islands which are ruled by a number of different countries like Borneo and New Guinea.  The list below also indicates the name of country/countries which is ruling that particular island.

1. Largest Islands of World : Greenland10 Largest islands of World

  • Area of Island – 21,30,800
  • Governing Country – Denmark
  • Location – near Canadian archipelago
  • Surrounding seas – Arctic ocean in north, North sea & Atlantic ocean in south, Norwegian sea & Greenland sea in east, Baffin bay & Davis strait in west

Greenland holds the status of world’s largest island. It is located between Arctic sea (in north) and Atlantic ocean (in south). Canadian archipelago is in west. Greenland is not a sovereign country but it is a semi autonomous territory which is controlled by Denmark. Although Greenland is geographically attached with the North America but it has political and cultural influence of Europe in general and Denmark in particular. Greenland has remained colony of Denmark and Norway for centuries. Its capital is Nuuk and its official language is Greenlandic.

  2. Second Largest Island of World : New Guinea10 Largest Islands of World

  • Area of Island – 7,85,753
  • Governing Country – Indonesia and Papua New Guinea
  • Location – South-east Asia
  • Surrounding seas – South China sea, Pacific ocean

New Guinea is the second biggest islands of the world. New Guinea is a part of Malay (Indonesian) Archipelago and is located in southwest Pacific ocean. New Guinea is separated from Cape York peninsula of Australia by Torres strait and the width of this strait is just 150 Km at the narrowest point. It is politically divided in two countries. The eastern part is Papua New Guinea while the western part is governed by Indonesia. 141 degree East longitude separates the two countries apart from north to south. The western part which is controlled by Indonesia has two provinces Papua and West Papua.

3. Third Largest Islands of World : Borneo

Largest Islands of World

Borneo Island

  • Area of Island – 7,48,168
  • Governing Country – Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Location – South east Asia 
  • Surrounding seas – South China sea, Malacca strait,

The island of Borneo is located in South East Asia and Eastern Pacific. Borneo is the third biggest islands of the world and largest island of Asia. This island consists of three countries. While Indonesia is in south of island, Malaysia and Brunei are in north. Brunei which is located on the north tip shares only 1 % of the total area of Borneo. Indonesia claims about 73 % of total area while Malaysia shares 26 % of total area of Borneo.

4. Fourth Largest Island of World : MadagascarLargest Islands of World

  •  Area of Island – 5,87,713
  • Governing Country – Madagascar
  • Location – Africa
  • Surrounding seas – Indian ocean

Madagascar is an island nation in Indian ocean off the eastern coast of South Africa. Its old name was Malagasy Republic. It is the fourth biggest islands of world. Madagascar remained as a colony of France from 1897 to 1960. Madagascar gained independence in 1960 from France. Its capital is Antananarivo and official languages are Malagasy and French.

5. Fifth Largest Islands of World : Baffin IslandLargest Islands of World

  • Area of Island – 5,07,451
  • Governing Country – Canada
  • Location – Canadian Archipelago, North America
  • Surrounding seas – Baffin Bay , Davis Strait, Hudson bay, Atlantic ocean

Baffin Island is the largest island of Canadian archipelago and fifth largest islands of world. This island was named in the memory of English explorer William Baffin. It has extremely cold climate. It is surrounded by Baffin bay and Davis Strait in east and Hudson bay and Hudson strait in south. Baffin island is separated from Labrador peninsula by Hudson strait.

6. Sixth Largest Islands of World : SumatraLargest Islands of World

  • Area of Island – 4,80,848
  • Governing Country -Indonesia
  • Location – South-east Asia
  • Surrounding seas – Andaman sea, Indian Ocean, Malacca Strait, South China sea

Sumatra is an island in western part of Indonesian archipelago. It is the biggest island which is governed entirely by Indonesia. Other two bigger islands in Indonesian archipelago are Borneo and New Guinea but other countries also share those islands along with Indonesia. Sumatra is the sixth largest islands of world. Indian ocean lies in the west, north and south. Strait of Malacca in northeast separates Sumatra from Malay peninsula. The nearby island of Java is the most populous island of the world.

7. Seventh Largest Island of World : Honshu

Largest Islands of World

Islands of Japan – Honshu,Shikoku, Kyushu and Hokkaido

  • Area of Island – 2,25,800
  • Governing Country – Japan
  • Location – East Asia
  • Surrounding seas – Sea of Japan, East China sea, North Pacific ocean

The literal meaning of Honshu in Japanese is main island. In reality also it is the main island of Japan and the largest and most populous also. It is the second most populous island of the world after Java. It is the seventh largest islands of world.

8. Victoria Island

Largest Islands of World

Victoria Island of Canada

  • Area of Island – 2,171,291
  • Governing Country – Canada
  • Location – Canadian Archipelago, North America
  • Surrounding seas – Arctic ocean

Victoria island is the second biggest island of Canadian Arctic Archipelago after the Baffin island. It is the eighth biggest islands of world. It is surrounded by Arctic ocean in north. Other islands of Canadian archipelago are located in south of Victoria island.

9. Great Britain

Largest Islands of World

Great Britain and Ireland

  • Area of Island – 2,09,331
  • Governing Country – United Kingdom
  • Location – Europe
  • Surrounding seas – Celtic sea, English Channel, North Sea, Norwegian sea, North Atlantic

Great Britain is also called as Britain. It is the island off the northern coast of continental Europe. This island is a part of United Kingdom nation. The island consists of three main territories England, Scotland and Wales. The island of Britain also consists of smaller nearby islands except Ireland which is a separate territory but comes in UK.

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10.Ellesmere IslandsLargest Islands of World

  • Area of Island – 1,96,236
  • Governing Country – Canada
  • Location – Canadian Archipelago, North America
  • Surrounding seas – Arctic ocean, Baffin bay

Ellesmere island is the third biggest islands of Canadian Arctic archipelago and tenth biggest islands of world. It is also the northernmost island of Canadian Archipelago. It is surrounded by Arctic ocean in north and east, Baffin bay in south and west. Axel Heiberg island of Canadian Arctic Archipelago is in west and Greenland in east. Nares strait and Kennedy Channel separates the Ellesmere island from Greenland.

 List of other following Largest Islands of World along with country and area

S.N. Island Ruling Country Area in Sq. Km
11 Sulawesi Indonesia 180,681
12 South Island New Zealand 145,836
13 Java Indonesia 138,794
14 North Island New Zealand 111,583
15 Luzon Philippines 109,965
16 Newfoundland Canada 108,860
17 Cuba Cuba 104,556
18 Iceland Iceland 101,826
19 Mindanao Philippines 97,530
20 Ireland Rep. of Ireland and UK 84,421
21 Hokkaido Japan 78,719
22 Hispaniola Dominican Republic & Haiti 76,480
23 Sakhalin Russia 72,493
24 Banks Island Canada 70,028
25 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 65,268