11 Strange and Uncommon Sports of World

1. Strange and Uncommon Sports : Buzkashi


Countries and their national sports

The Literal meaning of Buzkashi in Persian language is Goat Dragging. This game is also called as “Kopkar” in some regions of Central Asia. In this game Horse mounted players drag the carcass (beheaded) of goat or calf towards the goal. . This game is very popular in central Asian countries like Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. A buzkashi or kokpar player is called a “Chapandaz”. In the game the riders usually wear heavy clothing and head gears to protect themselves against other players’ whips and boots.

  • This game is National Sport of Afghanistan.
  • A number of Hollywood movies and few Bollywood movies like “Khuda Gawah” and “Kabul Express” have the scenes of the Buzkashi game.


2.  Strange and Uncommon Sports : Bull fighting

Countries and their National Sports

Bullfight of Spain


Bull Fighting is a game which reflects typical Spanish culture. This game is popular in Spain, Portugal, France and other Spanish speaking Latin American countries like Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru. The professional who executes the formal moves and eventually kills the bull is called “matador”. There are various types of the games mainly including man fighting with bull and bull fighting with bull.

3. Figure Skatingstrange and uncommon sports of world


This sport is associated with show businesses mainly although it is also included in Olympics. Various types of Figure Skating are Men’s Singles, Ladies Singles, Pair Skating and Ice Dancing. Skaters generally perform spins, jumps, spirals, death spirals, lifts and throwing other partner in air and catching etc. to add extra thrill. In Ice Dancing form, the couples have to dance on music rhythm along with included spins, spirals and other variants while skating.

4. Chess Boxingstrange and uncommon sports of world


Chess Boxing is a combined form of two traditional sports Chess and Boxing. The two participants compete each other in alternating rounds of chess and Boxing. This sport is quite popular in Germany, Great Britain and Russia. This sport was invented by “Lepe Rubingh“. The game checks not only the strength of muscles but also the brains of participants.

5. Dandi Biyo

Countries and their National Sports

Dandi – Biyo


Dandi Biyo is the National Game of Nepal. It is played with a long wooden stick and small wooden pin. The long stick is called “Dandi” and the smaller pin is called “Biyo” in Nepali. This is similar to Indian Game “Gilli Danda”. The player lifts the biyo with jerk by the help of dandi in air. If the opponent catches the biyo in air then the players turn is over.

6. Oil Wrestling

Strange and Uncommon Sports oil wrestling

Oil Wrestling is one of the bizarre, strange and uncommon sports of world. It is the traditional Turkish sport. It also gets the honour of being National Sport of Turkey. It is also called as “Grease Wrestling”. In this game the wrestlers are covered with olive oil throughout their body. The wrestlers wear hand-stitched costume made of buffalo or calf leather. This costume is called “Kisbet”. The one who makes effective hold on the opponent’s Kisbet is winner. These wrestlers are called Pehlivan in Persian.

  • Oil Wrestling is the National Sport of Turkey.

7. Unicycle footballstrange and uncommon sports of world



Unicycle is one of most strange and uncommon sports. As the name suggests it is played on unicycles. The rules of this game are quite matching with the traditional football. Protective head gears are must for this game. If by any reasons one dismounts from cycle then he is gone out. The traditional coin toss is replaced by jousting (un-mounting) the opponent. Unicycle football is quite popular in many parts of United States.


8. Capoeirastrange and uncommon sports of world



Capoeira is a Brazilian game which is like martial art presented in combination with music, dance and acrobatics. It has quite quick complex moves in addition to swing spin and air kicks. These acrobatic moves are achieved by leverages. This game was brought by African descendants of Brazil.

9. Zorbingstrange and uncommon sports of world


Zorbing is a recreational sport. There are generally one or two riders inside the zorb. Zorb is a spherical ball made of plastic, rubber etc which is rolled down a gentle slope hill. There is one more ball inside the outer ball containing air layer between the two balls which acts as a shock absorber for the rider. Some zorbs have harnesses for securing the riders while some doesn’t have harnesses. This game is quite popular in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden, Poland, US etc.

10. Wife Carrying

strange and uncommon sports of world


Wife carrying is a game in which the male participants have to carry female partner on their back and cross the obstacles coming in the route in shortest time. This sport was first started in Finland. Wife carrying World Championship is held annually in Finland. The prize amount is Beer which is equal to female partner’s weight.

11 Cheese Rollingstrange and uncommon sports of world


Cheese rolling game is held annually at Cooper’s Hill near Gloucester in England. In this game a 9 pound cheese is rolled down from the hill. Competitors have to catch the cheese before reaching the bottom line. The first person at the bottom line wins the game and gets the whole cheese in prize.