Agriculture Products and Top Producers of World

Various different types of agriculture products are being cultivated throughout the world. Some countries are known for some special products while other countries for other specific products. The details of all agriculture products and top producers countries are enlisted below-

1. Agriculture Products and Top Producers : Wheat

  • Top Producer of Wheat – China, India, US, France and Russia

It grows better in Prairie and Steppe regions and areas with temperate climate. Ideal temperature is between 150C to 200C. Loamy soils with good drainage are suitable for wheat cultivation. Rainfall of about 75 cm or equivalent irrigation is required. It is grown as spring crop in cool temperature lands and as a winter crop in Subtropical and tropical regions.

2. Agriculture Products and Top Producers : Rice

  • Top Producers of Rice –China, India, Indonesia

It is a crop of humid and hot to warm climates. It is grown mainly in regions of tropical monsoon climate. It requires a temperature of about 200C to 270C. Clay rich alluvial soil with water retention property is required for this. Rainfall of 100 cm or equivalent irrigation is a must for rice cultivation.

3. Agriculture Products and Top Producers : Maize

  • Top Producers of Maize – US, China, Brazil, Mexico and Nigeria

This is the main crop among coarse grains. It is native of America where it is known as Corn. It grows best in areas having temperature 180C to 270C and rainfall 60 to 70 cm. Loam to sandy loams are ideal for Maize cultivation. In north America it is fed to animals reared for meat.

4. Agriculture Products and Top Producers : Millet

  • Top Producers of Millet – India, Nigeria and China

This group of crops include Jowar, Bajra and Ragi. These crops are grown in areas of low rainfall and poor soils. Most of the millets are grown in tropical regions with a rainfall of up to 60 cm. They have low nutrition value and are consumed generally by poor people.

5. Agriculture Products and Top Producers : Barley

  • Top Producers of Barely– Russia, Canada, Germany and Ukraine

It is a rich source of protein and can be grown in all those areas where wheat can be grown. Having a higher tolerance for aridity it can be cultivated in areas of low rainfall and on inferior soils. It can be ripen in colder regions also. It is one of the main crops used for making beer.

6. Agriculture Products and Top Producers : Oil Seeds

Top producers of Oil Seeds –

  • Groundnuts – India
  • Soybean – US, China
  • Mustard, Castor – India, Brazil
  • Coconut – Philippines, Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka
  • Palm Kernel – Nigeria and Malaysia
  • Linseed oil – Argentina, Canada, India, US and Russia

These are seeds from which vegetable oils are extracted. Most of these are tropical and subtropical crops. The most important oil seeds are Groundnuts, Soybeans, Coconut and Mustard. An important industrial oil is linseed oil which is produced from seeds of Flax plant.

7. Agriculture Products and Top Producers : Tea

  • Top Producers of Tea– India, China, Sri Lanka and Kenya

Tea is an important beverage crop and it is cultivated in monsoon climates on mountain slopes. It requires a temperature of over 210C and high rainfall of about 200 cm. A prolonged dry season and accumulated water are harmful to the crop. Mountain slopes are ideal as the water rolls over quickly and doesn’t accumulate. It requires deep fertile and slightly acidic soil.

8. Agriculture Products and Top Producers : Coffee

  • Top Producers – Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Indonesia and Uganda

It is also a beverage crop but the difference with Tea is that Coffee is extracted from seeds while Tea is produced from leaves. It requires a temperature of about 260 C and rainfall of about 150 to 200 cm. A special requirement of coffee is that it required high temperature in shade. Due to this coffee plants are grown in shades of large trees such as rubber. Cultivation of coffee is restricted to Tropical Humid areas.

9. Top Producers of Cocoa

  • Top Producers – Ivory Coast, Ghana, Brazil, Indonesia and Nigeria

Cocoa is used for beverages and for preparing chocolates also. It is obtained from beans of evergreen tropical plant. It requires a high temperature and high rainfall of more than 200 cm. A Long dry season is harmful. Like coffee, cocoa is also grown in shade of large trees.

10. Top Producers of Sugarcane

  • Top Producers – India, Brazil, US and Cuba. India has largest area under this crop

It is a major source of sugar. It grows best in areas having temperature between 200C and 280C. Rainfall of about 120 cm or equivalent irrigation is required. It is an exhaustive crop and requires frequent application of manure or fertilizers. It is mainly a tropical crop and frost is harmful to it.

11. Top Producers of Sugar-beet

  • Top Producers – Ukraine, France, Germany and Baltic States

It is next source of sugar after Sugarcane. It is a crop of temperate regions having a temperature of 160 C to 230C for about three months. It is a root crop requiring deep friable (easy crumble) soil. Rainfall of about 65 cm is adequate.

12. Top Producers of Tobacco

  • Top producers – China, US, India and Brazil

It requires warm growing season with temperature above 180C and frost-free period of three to six months. Light sandy and loam soils are ideal for this crop. However it can be grown on black clay soils also.

13. Top Producers of Rubber

  • Top Producer – Thailand, Indonesia, Malayasia

It requires a humid tropical climate with temperature around 270C and rainfall of more than 150 cm. Deep friable soils with good drainage are ideal. Alluvial soils are suitable, provided they are well drained.

14. Top Producers of  Cotton

  • Top Producer – China, US, India, Pakistan and Uzbekistan

Top producers of long staple cotton – US, Egypt

Cotton is a fibre crop and it is obtained from the fruit bolls of the plant. It needs a warm climate with moderate rainfall. Temperature of more than 250 C in summer is ideal. It requires a frost-free season of 200 days and cloudless season during maturing period is ideal. Rainfall of 50 to 100 cm is adequate. Deep fertile soils with high moisture retention are favourable.

15. Top Producers of Jute

  • Top Producers – India and Bangladesh

This is another fabric crop. Jute fibre is obtained from skin of the plant. It is a crop of tropical seasons having temperature of 270C to 300C. Rainfall of 100 to 200 cm is adequate. Relative humidity should be high.

16. Top Producers of Flax

  • Top Producer – Russia, Baltic nations, Poland

It is a fibre crop of temperate regions. It requires a temperature of 160C to 180C. Rainfall of 50 cm to 75 cm is ideal.

17. Top Producers of Silk

  • Top Producers – China, India and Japan. Mulberry and Tassar are main varities of silk produced in India

The rearing of silkworms for silk production is called Sericulture and has been traditionally an occupation of orient. It is an generally done in Subtropical regions with temperature above 160C

18. Top Producers of Grapes

  • Top producers – Italy, France and US, Grapes are dried to produce Raisins and top producers of raisins are Turkey, US and Iran.

The ideal climate for grapes is Mediterranean with rainy winters.

 19. Top Producers of Banana

  • Top Producers – India, China and Uganda

It is a fruit of tropical climate. Temperature should remain high and rainfall should be above 150 cm.

20. Top Producers of Mangoes

  • Top Producers – India, Pakistan

It is also a tropical fruit which grows ideally in areas of warm summer.

21. Top Producers of Apples

  • Top Producers – China, France and Italy

These require a temperate climate

22. Top Producers of Pineapples

  • Top producers – Thailand, Philippines, China and India

It is product of rainy tropics with temperature above 250C  and rainfall above 150 cm.

23. Top Producers of Spices

  • Top Producers – Malaysia, India and Indonesia

Most of the spices are tropical products. Cloves are dried buds of plant growing best in islands of Pemba and Zanzibar off East African coast. Pepper is obtained from a vine.

24. Top Producers of Potatoes

  • Top Producers – China, Russia, US and India

It is a crop of temperate climate.