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List of all Biggest, Highest, Largest, Longest in World

This list provides all events related with biggest, highest, largest, longest in world.

biggest, highest, largest, longest in world

Largest sea bird : Albatross

Biggest, Highest, Largest, Longest in World : Creatures

  • Largest sea bird – Albatross
  • Fastest Bird of world – Peregrine Falcon
  • Largest bird of the world – Ostrich
  • Smallest Bird of the world – Bee Humming Bird
  • Largest coral formation of the world – Great barrier Reef (Australia)
  • Bird that never makes its nest – Cuckoo
  • Wingless Bird – Kiwi
  • Largest mammal – Whale

Biggest, Highest, Largest, Longest in World : Plants, Trees etc

  • Largest Living Tree – German Sherman, the Giant Sequoia in Sequoia National Park, California, US (83.8 m tall, 11.1 m trunk dia). This tree largest in terms of volume. (Volume 52,500 cubic feet)
  • Tallest trees of world – Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens), height 300 feet (91 meters)
  • Largest tree in terms of occupied area – The Great Banyan, in J C Bose Botanical Garden, Howrah, Kolkata, India. Area occupied 18,918 sq. m. (about 1.89 hectares or 4.67 acres).
  • Biggest flower of world– Rafflesia Arnoldii (Java, Indonesia)

Biggest, Highest, Largest, Longest in World : Man Made Structures

  • Longest railway bridge of the world – Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge, China (164.8 Km)
  • Tallest Building of the world – Burj Khalifa, UAE (height 828 m)
  • Second tallest building of the world – Shanghai Tower, China (height 632 m)
  • Third tallest building of the world – One World Trade Center, USA (height 541.3 m)
  • Longest Ship canal of the world – Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal (1930 Km long)
  • Largest Dam of the world in terms of installed capacity – Three Gorges Dam on Yangtze river, China (Capacity 22500 MW)
  • Largest artificial lake of the world – Lake Kariba (on Zambezi River between Zambia and  Zimbabwe)
  • Biggest library of the world – Library of Congress, Washington DC
  • Largest mosque of the world – Masjid al-Haram, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
  • Biggest museum of the world – British Museum, London
  • Tallest minaret (Free Standing) of the world – Qutub Minar, Delhi (Height 238 ft)
  • Busiest port of world –Port of Shanghai, China
  • Longest railway route in world – Trans Siberian Railway, Moscow to Vladivostak (6000 miles long)
  • Longest River Dam of world – Hirakud Dam, Odisha India
  • Tallest statue of the world – Statue of Liberty
  • Tallest statue (metallic) – Bronze statue of Lord Buddha, Tokyo, Japan
  • Longest road tunnel – Laerdal, Norway
  • Biggest Bell of the World – Great Bell at Moscow (Tsar Bell)
  • Largest temple of world– Angkor Vat (Cambodia)
  • Largest park of the world – Northeast National Park, Greenland
  • Largest stadium of world– Strahov Stadium in Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Largest Church of world– Basilica of St Peter, Vatican City, Italy
  • Longest corridor of world – Rameshwaram Temple’s corridor (5000 ft)
  • Largest City in population – Tokyo
  • Biggest city in world in terms of area – Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia (41,225 Sq Km)
  • Largest palace of world – Hofburg palace, Viena
  • Largest slum area of world – Neza (Chalco – Itza barrio), in Mexico city

Biggest, Highest, Largest, Longest in World : Geographical Bodies

  • Highest plateau of world – Pamir, Tibet Also called Roof of World
  • Longest river of the world – Nile (6690 Km)
  • Largest Island of the world – Greenland
  • World’s largest underground cave chamber is Lubang Nasib Bagus in Sarawak, Malaysia. It is 701 mt long and 451 mt wide.
  • Deepest Lake of world – Baikal (Siberia), Max depth 1637 m
  • Highest Lake of World – Lhagba Pool, 6368 m (Tibet-China)
  • Highest navigable lake of the world – Titicaca (on Andes mountain, Bolivia; 3812 m above sea level)
  • Largest fresh water lake of the world – Lake Superior, USA
  • Longest fresh water lake on world – Tanganyika Lake, 676 Km long, 72 Km wide in D R Congo & Tanzania.
  • Largest saline water lake – Caspian Sea
  • Highest City of the world – La Rinconada (height about – 16,700 ft)
  • Highest Capital City of World – La Paz, Bolivia 3600 m height
  • Highest Mountain range of the world – Himalayas
  • Longest mountain range of the world – Andes (South America, Length 5500 miles)
  • Deepest and biggest ocean of the world – Pacific ocean
  • Largest peninsula of the world – Arabian peninsula (32,50,000 sq km)
  • Driest place on earth – Atacama Desert, South America
  • Largest inland sea – Mediterranean Sea
  • Highest Volcano of world – Ojos del Salado, Andes, Aregentina- Chile (Height 6885 m)
  • Largest volcano of world– Mauna Loa (Hawaii)
  • Highest fall of world– Angel falls (Venezuela)
  • Longest strait of world– Tatar strait or Strait of Tartary (between Sakhalin Island and the Russian mainland)
  • Largest Bay of world– Hudson Bay, Canada (Shore line 7623 miles)
  • Largest Gulf of world– Gulf of Mexico
  • Largest Archipelago of world – Indonesia (more than 3000 islands)
  • Largest gorge of world– Grand Canyon, USA
  • World’s wettest place – Mawsynram, Cherrapunji, India
  • Largest diamond mine of world– Kimberley (South Africa)
  • Largest river in flow rate – Amazon, South America
  • Highest capital city of world – La Paz (Bolivia)
  • Largest Asian desert – Gobi, Mongolia
  • Largest democracy of World– India
  • Oldest Democracy of World– USA

Biggest, Highest, Largest, Longest in World : Celestial bodies

  • Largest planet – Jupiter
  • Brightest planet – Venus
  • Smallest planet – Mercury
  • Brightest star of the sky – Sirius (also called dog star)
  • Star closest to earth – Alpha Century

Biggest, Highest, Largest, Longest in World : Periodic Table

  • Lightest metal – Lithium (density 0.53 gm/cc)
  • Heaviest metal – Osmium (density (22.59 gm/cc)
  • Metal having highest melting point – Tungsten, 3410°C.
  • Metal with lowest melting point – Mercury (-37° C)
  • Metal with highest boiling point – Tungsten, 5660°C
  • Metal with lowest boiling point – Mercury (356.7° C)