Countries and their National Sports, National Games List

This article gives insight about different Countries and their National Sports. There are different types of sports being played throughout the world. Most of the European and South American countries are known for their passion towards Football/Soccer. Cricket is popular in mainly commonwealth group including countries of South Asia and Caribbean and Australia. Gymnastics, Wrestling and Athletics is considered as the National Game of mostly Asian countries. Following is the list which gives detail information about National Sports of different countries. The list also explain other popular sports being played in various countries apart from their National game.

Countries and their National Sports : AfghanistanCountries and their national sports


Buzkashi is the National Game of Afghanistan. In this game, the horse mounted players drag the dead body of goat towards goal. Besides Afghanistan game is also popular in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

Some other popular sports of Afghanistan are – Cricket, Football, Boxing and Basketball.

Countries and their National Sports : Australia

Countries and their National Sports

  • National Sport of Australia – Cricket
  • Other Popular sports of Australia – football, Rugby, Horse Racing, Netball

Countries and their National Sports : Bangladesh

Countries and their national sports

Kabaddi is the most popular sport and also National sport of Bangladesh. Some other popular sports being played with much interest are Cricket and Football.

Countries and their National Sports : CanadaCountries and their National Sports

  • National Sport of Canada – Ice Hockey(winter) and Lacrosse (summer) . Ice Hockey is played with flat ball.
  • Other Popular Games – Football, Golf, Basketball, Baseball

Countries and their National Sports : India 

Countries and their National Sports

Indian Team : Field Hockey

  • National Sport of India – Although Hockey is considered as de-facto National Game of India but as per recent Sports Ministry revelation Hockey is not the National Game of India. Till now there is no declared National Game of India.
  • Other Popular Games of India – Cricket, Kabaddi, Badminton, Chess.

 Countries and their National Sports: Japan

Countries and their National Games

  • National Sport of Japan – Sumo wrestling
  • Other Popular Games & Sports of Japan – Baseball, football, Ju-Jitsu (Martial Arts)

Countries and their National Games : Nepal

Till 23 May 2017 Dandi Biyo was the National Game of Nepal. It is similar to Gilli Danda of India. After that Volleyball was officially declared as the National game of Nepal.

Some other popular sports of Nepal : Football, Athletics and Boxing.

Countries and their National Game : New Zealand

Countries and their National Sports

Rugby Union

  • National Sport of New Zealand – Rugby Union
  • Other popular games of New Zealand – Cricket, Netball, Basketball, Golf, Tennis

Countries and their National Sports : Pakistan

Countries and their National Sports

Pakistan Team : Field Hockey

Like Arch rivals India, Filed Hockey is also the National Game of Pakistan. Some other popular sports which are being played with interest in Pakistan are Cricket, Kabaddi, Squash and Billiards/Snooker.


Countries and their National Sports

National Game of Russia : Bandy

There is a popular question being asked about “What is the National Sport of Russia?” There is a misconception that Chess is the National game of Russia but it is Bandy which is actually the National Game of Russia.

  • National Sport of Russia – Bandy
  • Other popular sports of Russia – Chess, Football, Basketball, Gymnastics, Figure Sketting.
  • Bandy is similar to Ice Hockey. Difference between Bandy and Ice Hockey is that Bandy is played with round ball while Ice Hockey is played with flat ball.


Countries and their National Sports

Bullfight of Spain

  • National Sport of Spain – Bull fight
  • Other popular sports of Spain – Basketball, Tennis, Formula One, Golf etc

Countries and their National Sports : Turkey

Oil Wrestling is the National Sport of Turkey. It is also called as Grease Wrestling. These wrestlers wear leather trousers and apply olive oil throughout their body. These wrestlers are also called as Pahilwan. 

Some other popular sports in Turkey – Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball.

Countries and their National Sports : USA 

Countries and their National Sports

  • National Sport of USA – Baseball
  • Other Popular games of USA – Football, Ice Hockey, Golf, Tennis

Asia Oceania Countries and their National Sports

CountriesNational SportOther Popular Sports
AfghanistanBuzkashiFootball, Cricket
AustraliaCricketAFL (Australian Football League), Basketball
BangladeshKabaddiCricket, Football, Hockey
BhutanArcheryBasketball, Football, Futsal
ChinaNot DeclaredPing Pong (Table Tennis), Volleyball, Badminton, Shooting, Martial Arts
IndiaField HockeyCricket, Badminton, Kabaddi
IsraelAssociation FootballBasketball, swimming, Canoeing
JapanSumoBaseball, Association Football
MauritusFootballAtheletics, Badminton, Basketball
MongoliaArcheryWrestling, Football, Basketball
NepalDandi BiyoCricket, Football
PakistanField HockeyCricket, Kabaddi, Polo, Squash
Papua New GuineaRugby LeagueAFL, Soccer, Volleyball
PhilippinesArnisBasketball, Badminton, Boxing
RussiaBandyBasketball, Ice Hockey, Football, Rugby
South KoreaTaekwondoFootball, Basketball
Sri LankaVolley BallCricket, Badminton, Water Sports
TurkeyOil WrestlingSoccer, Basketball, Volleyball

National Games of different European Countries

CountriesNational SportOther Popular Sports
DenmarkFootball, HandballCycling, Sailing, Badminton
EnglandCricketFootball, Rugby, Basketball
EstoniaBasketballBandy, Beach Volleyball
FinlandPesäpallo (Finnish Baseball)Ice Hockey, Formula One
FranceNot DeclaredAssociation Football, Rugby, Motor Sports, Tennis,
GeorgiaRugby UnionFootball, Basketball
IcelandHandballFootball, Basketball, Athletics
IrelandGaelic FootballSoccer, Hurling, Golf
LatviaBaseballAssociation Football, Ice Hockey
LithuaniaBasketballFootball, Atheletics, Cycling
NorwayCross Country SkiingWrestling, Cycling, Shooting
RomaniaOinăFootball, Handball, Volleyball
ScotlandGolfTennis, Rugby
SloveniaAlpine Skiing, Ski JumpingAtheletics, Basketball, Boxing
SpainBull FightingFootball, Basketball, Tennis
SwitzerlandShooting, GymnasticsFootball, Ice Hockey
WalesRugby UnionFootball, Atheletics, Basketball

National Games of different Countries of Americas

CountriesNational SportOther Popular Sports
ArgentinaPatoAssociation Football, Basketbal, Rugby Union
BahamasSloop SailingCricket, Football, Rugby
BrazilFootballVolleyball, Basketball
CanadaLacrosse (summer), Ice Hockey (winter)Football, Basketball, Baseball
ChileChilean RodeoFootball, Tennis
ColombiaTejoFootball, Cycling, Roller Skating
MexicoCharreríaAssociation Football, Boxing
Puerto RicoPaso FinoFootball, Baseball
Antigua and BarbudaCricketFootball
BarbadosCricketFootball, Golf, Tennis
CubaBaseballBoxing, Volleyball, Basketball
Dominican RepublicBaseballFootball, Boxing
GuyanaCricket, Water PoloBeach Cricket, Football
JamaicaCricketAtheletics, Association Football
United StatesBaseballAmerican Football, Basketball