Difference between England, UK and Britain

There is always a common question arrives in mind that what is the difference between England UK and Britain, is Britain or Great Britain same ? England and UK (United Kingdom) are same or different ? The answer to all these questions is as follows :-

Real difference between England UK and BritainDifference between England UK and Britain

Britain and Great Britain are both the same. Great Britain is the island off the northwest coast of mainland continental Europe. Justlike Great Britain there is one more island close to it called Ireland. The island of Ireland is divided in two parts РNorthern Island and Ireland.  England, Scotland and Wales are the independent territories which is geographically located on great Britain island.  United Kingdom is a nation consisting of England, Scotland, Wales and northern Ireland. While northern Ireland although geographically isolated from Great Britain it is a part of UK. Most of the Ireland is now independent and is considered as independent nation.