Interesting Facts about Morarji Desai

Quick Basic Facts about Morarji Desai

  • Date of birth – 29 Feb 1896
  • Place of birth – Bhadeli, Bulsar district(presently in Gujarat), Bombay presidency
  • Date of accession to PM -24 March 1977
  • Date of death -10 April 1995 at New Delhi
  • Parents – Ranchhodji Desai (Father), Vajiaben (mother)
  • Election constituency -Surat


facts about morarji desai

Morarji Desai: First Non Congress Party PM

Personal Life Facts about Morarji Desai

  • Morarji Desai was born on 29 Feb 1896, in Bulsar district in the then Bombay Presidency (now in Gujrat).
  • Morarji Desai was the only Prime Minister of India born on a leap year.
  • He joined Civil services in Gujarat after completing his studies. He resigned as Deputy Collector of Godhra in 1939 after he was blamed of behaving softly with the Hindus in riots of 1927-28. After that he joined Gandhi ji under Civil disobedience movement.


Political Life Facts about Morarji Desai

  • After independence he became the chief Minister of Bombay state in 1952.
  • He was the 5th Prime Minister between 1977- 79 and was the first Non Congress Prime Minister.
  • During the demonstrations for separate Maharashtra state he ordered firing at Flora Fountain Chowk in which 105 protestors were killed. Later Flora Fountain chowk was rename Hutatma chowk (Martyrs Square in Marathi) to honor the killing of 105 people.
  • He worked as Home minister in J L Nehru’s incumbency and Deputy Prime minister & Finance minister in Indira Gandhi’s regime.
  • When Indira Gandhi took away Finance portfolio from him and nationalized 14 large banks, he resigned and formed Indian National Congress (Organization) which was also called Syndicate. The Indira Gandhi’s group Indian National Congress (Ruling) was called as Indicate.
  • After defeat of Congress lead by Indira Gandhi in 1977 general elections Morarji Desai leading the opposition parties formed a coalition Janta Party and become the Prime Minister .
  • Morarji Desai went for indefinite hunger strike for supporting Nav Nirman movement of Gujarat.
  • He closed down the RAW to a much extent and curtailed down its operations and budget.
  • Morarji Desai was the only Indian & Prime Minister who received Pakistan’s Highest Civilian Award Nishan-E-Pakistan which was conferred to him by Pakistani President Ghulam Ishaq Khan in 1990.