Highest Civilian Awards of Different Countries

Civilian awards are those awards which are conferred to ordinary persons for their distinguished service in various fields viz Science, Arts, Literature. It can also be bestowed to an individual who has shown great initiative for betterment of public, society, region, state or Country by any means.  Any civilian who has performed distinguished service in any of the mentioned fields are considered eligible for this award. Highest Civilian awards carry great reputation and recognition throughout the world. For example “Bharat Ratna” is the greatest Civilian award of India while Nishan-e-Pakistan is highest civilian award of Pakistan. The List below explains Highest civilian awards of different countries.

Highest Civilian Awards of different Countries – Australia

Highest Civilian Awards of different Countries

Order of Australia

Order of Australia is the highest civilian award of Australia. This order was established in year 1975 by Queen Elizabeth II. There are five different categories of this award namely – i) Knight/Dame of Order of Australia, ii) Companion of Order of Australia, iii) Office of Order of Australia, iv) Member of Order of Australia, v) Medal of Order of Australia. The insignia shows golden wattle flower on a convex disc which is mounted with crown of Saint Edward on top.

Highest Civilian Award of Canada

Highest Civilian Awards of different Countries

Order of Canada is the highest civilian award of Canada. It is conferred to those Canadians who have shown great achievements and provided distinguished service for betterment of Canada and Humanity. Order of Canada can also be conferred to foreign nationals who have worked for betterment of humanity in general and for Canada in particular.  There are three categories of this award- i) Companion of Order of Canada, ii) Officer of Order of Canada, iii) Member of Order of Canada in descending order of their recognition and importance. The insignia represents 6 hexagonal leaves in hexagonal design bearing a white disc in center. The disc contains maple leaf which is made of red gilt for Companions, golden for Officers and silver for Members. The chest ribbon is same red and white stripes for all categories.


Highest civilian awards of different countries

Legion of Honour

Highest Civilian Awards of different Countries – France

Legion of Honour is the highest civilian/military decoration of France. It can be conferred to both civilians as well as military persons for their exceptional performance in either civilian or military role. This award has five categories with different grade and rank. These categories in descending order of their rank are – i) Grand Cross, ii) Grand Officer, iii) Commander, iv) Officer, v) Knight.

Highest Civilian Award of India

Bharat Ratna is the highest Civilian award of India. It is conferred to various civilians for exceptional achievements in fields of Arts, Science, Literature, Government service, Social and Environmental cause. First recipients of this award are C Rajgopalachari, S Radhakrishnan and C V Raman. The two foreign nationals who have received this award are Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan and Nelson Mandela.

Highest Civilian Awards of different Countries – Japan

Order of Rising Sun is the highest civilian/military award of Japan. It is conferred to those persons who have shown either exemplary achievement in civil matters or outstanding performance in military. This award was started by Emperor Meji in 1875. The insignia represents rising sun in red color and its rays in golden yellow. There are two more categories of this award which is known as Grand Cordon and Second Class Imperial Order. Non Japanese persons have also received this award.

Highest Civilian Award of Pakistan

Nishan-e-Pakistan is the highest civilian award conferred to the civilians by the Government of Pakistan. It is conferred for distinguished role in betterment of Pakistan in international relations, service to country and society. Popular foreigners who were conferred with this award are Morarji Desai (1990), Hu Jintao (2006), Xi Jinping(2015). The first person to receive this award was Queen Elizabeth II of united Kingdom in year 1960. The other three civilian awards which comes after in merit of Nishan-e-Pakistan are Hilal-e-Pakistan, Sitara-e-Pakistan and Tamgha-e-Pakistan.

Highest Civilian Awards of different Countries – Spain

Highest civilian awards of different countries

Order of Isabella the Catholic

Order of Isabella the Catholic (Orden de Isabel la Católica) is the highest civilian award of Spain. It is conferred to not only Spaniards but also to foreign nationals. This award was established in year 1815 by King Ferdinand VII in memory of queen Isabella. It is conferred to those persons who deliver distinguished services for the betterment of mainland Spain or the overseas territories of Spain.

Highest Civilian Awards of different Countries – United States 

Highest Civilian Awards of different Countries

Presidential Medal of Freedom

Presidential Medal of Freedom is the highest civilian award of US. This award is conferred by the President of United States. It is bestowed for exemplary work towards betterment of Public, Society, National safety in general and Peace, Arts, Science, Media, Government service, Education, Culture etc. in particular. Not only civilians but Army personals are also eligible for this award. This award was started in year 1963. The insignia represents five pointed golden star with Pentagon in red colour in background. The navy blue center-disc bears 13 stars. The base encompasses 5 no. golden bald eagles. First Persons to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom – John F Kennedy, Andrew Wyeth, Thornton Wilder, E B White, Edmund Wilson, Marian Anderson etc.


List of Highest Civilian Awards of different Countries

 Country Highest Civilian Award
Argentina Order de Mayo – Office of the Order
Bangladesh Bangladesh Freedom Honour (Bangladesh Swadhinata Sammanona)
Bhutan Order of Great Victory of Thunder Dragon
Brazil Order of Southern Cross
Cambodia Royal Order of Cambodia
China Order of Brilliant Jade
Germany Order of Merit of Federal Republic of Germany
Indonesia Star of Republic of Indonesia (Bintang Republik Indonesia)
Mongolia Best Worker
Nepal Jewel of Nepal (Man Padvai)
New Zealand Order of New Zealand
Netherlands Order of the Netherlands Lion
Norway Order of St Olav
Philippines Quezon Service Cross
Poland Cross of Merit
Russia Order of Saint Andrew the Apostle
Saudi Arabia King Abdul Aziz Medal
Sri Lanka  Pride of Sri Lanka (Sri Lankabhimanya)
Turkey Order of Democracy
United Kingdom Order of Merit