List of Important Boundary Lines

The line which demarcates the two countries is termed as Boundary line. Famous and Important Boundary lines of various countries are described here –


1) Durand Boundary Line

important Boundary Lines

Facts about Durand Boundary Line

  • Durand Line represents the boundary line between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It was demarcated by Sir Mortimer Durand in 1893.
  • This line is 2640 Km Long.
  • The line politically divides the Tribal Pashtun area and Baluchistan area in two parts. It also divides Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit–Baltistan in two different parts, one which comes in Pakistan and the other goes to Afganistan.

2) Hindenburg Boundary Line 

important boundary lines

Facts about Hindenburg Line

  • Hindenburg line represents the line to which Germans retreated during First World War, representing boundary between Poland and Germany.
  • During the first World war Russia inflicted huge losses on German army forcing them to fall back to Eastern Front.
  • The Anglo French attack also created serious losses to Germans on western Front. Due to which Germans  gathered defensive position at Hindenburg line.


3) McMahon Boundary Line

important boundary lines

Facts about McMahon Boundary Line

  • This line represents the boundary between India and China. It was defined by Sir McMahon.
  • It starts from Bhutan towards the west covering the northern frontiers of Arunachal Pradesh and then towards south following the curvature of Himalaya.
  • This line was drafted as per Simla Accord of 1914. Britain, India, China and Tibet participated in this accord. McMahon line was drawn by dividing Tibet into Outer and Inner parts. Outer Tibet would be in hands of China and Inner Tibet to be made autonomous. China rejected this accord as it claimed the whole tibet as its own territory.
  • McMahon line is accepted and followed by India in all his official maps showing north east frontiers. But this line is not accepted and followed by China.

4) Maginot Boundary Line 

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Facts about Maginot Line

  • This boundary line represents the France and Germany.
  • This is not just an imaginary line like other lines but a boundary build up of solid concrete fortifications.
  • This was built in 1930 as a precautionary measure taken by France against Germany before the World War II.
  • This was named after French War Minister Andre Maginot.
  • This line is hugely fortified along the Border of France and Germany but the fortification is weak and porous along with Belgium as Belgium was neutral country with France.

5) Oder Neisse Line 

important boundary lines

 Facts about Oder Neisse Line

  • This line defines the boundary between Germany and Poland after World War II.
  • The line represents the bank of Rivers Oder and Neisse.
  • As per this line Germany was forced to give up the territories of Poland as per post war treaty.

6) Radcliffe Line

important boundary lines

Facts about Radcliffe Line

  • This boundary line demarcates boundary between India and Pakistan. This line was defined by Sir Cyril Radcliffe.
  • This line came to effect on 17 Aug 1947 as a result of separation of Pakistan with India.
  • This line separated not only the mainland Pakistan at western frontier but also the East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) from India.

7) 38th Parallel 

important boundaries

Facts about 38th Parallel

  • This line represents boundary between North Korea and South Korea.
  • This is not just a line but a latitude 38 degree north of Equator passing between North and South Korea.

8) 49th Parallel

Important Boundary Line

Facts about 49th Parallel

  • This line represents boundary line of USA and Canada.
  • This is a latitude 49 degrees north of Equator passing between USA and Canada which is taken as the border.
  • The 3500 Km long border is a part of 49th parallel between Lake of Woods and Strait of Georgia.