Indian State which has maximum neighbouring states

The article explains about border of different states, bordering/ neighboring states of different states, Indian states which lie on international border.

Indian state which has maximum neighboring states

Indian States Map (Courtsey : Wikipedia)

Indian state which has maximum neighboring states (9* States)

  • Uttar Pradesh is only Indian state which has maximum number of neighbouring states. Uttar Pradesh share borders with 9 different states.
  • Neighbouring States of Uttar Pradesh – Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh in northwest, Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan in west, Madhya Pradesh in south, Chhattisgarh in southeast, Bihar and Jharkhand in east.
  • * Delhi for the sake of convinience is taken here as state, although presently Delhi is neither a full fledged state nor a Union territory. It is called as National Capital Territory of Delhi. Although as per 69th constitutional amendment, status of Delhi was elevated from Union Territory closely to a state according to which the formation of government by electoral system, election of Chief Minister are some aspects.
  • If Delhi is not taken to account then number of bordering states of Uttar Pradesh will become 8.

Indian State which has second largest number of neighbouring states (7 states)Borders of Indian States and Neighbouring States

Assam and Chhattisgarh are two Indian States which share border with 7 states.

  • Assam bordering states – West Bengal in west, Arunachal Pradesh in northeast, Nagaland and Manipur in east, Mizoram, Tripura and Meghalaya in south.
  • Chhattisgarh neighbouring states  – Uttar Pradesh in north, Jharkhand in northeast, Odisha in east, Telangana in southwest, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh in west and Andhra Pradesh in south.

Indian State with 6 neighbouring states

There are two states which has 6 neighbouring states – Maharashtra and Karnataka

  • Maharashtra shares border with – Gujarat in northwest, Madhya Pradesh in north, Chhattisgarh in east, Telangana in southeast, Karnataka and Goa in south.
  • Karnataka neighbouring states – Goa in west, Maharashtra in northwest, Telangana in northeast, Andhra Pradesh in east, Tamil Nadu in southeast and Kerala in southwest.

Indian states with 5 neighbouring states

West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Rajasthan are four Indian states which has 5 neighbouring states.

  • West Bengal neighbouring states – Assam in northeast, Sikkim in north, Bihar in northwest, Jharkhand in west and Odisha in southwest.
  • Andhra Pradesh neighbouring states – Chhattisgarh and Odisha in north, Telangana in northwest, Karnataka in west and Tamil Nadu in south.
  • Madhya Pradesh borders with – Uttar Pradesh in north, Rajasthan in northwest, Gujarat in west, Maharashtra in south and Chhattisgarh in east.
  • Jharkhand neighbouring states – Bihar in north, West Bengal in east, Odisha in south, Chhattisgarh in southwest and Uttar Pradesh in northwest.
  • Rajasthan bordering states – Punjab and Haryana in north, Uttar Pradesh in east, Madhya Pradesh in southeast and Gujarat in south.

Indian State with 4 bordering states

Telangana and Odisha are two Indian state which borders with 4 states.

  • Telangana neighbouring states are – Maharashtra in north, Chhattisgarh in east, Andhra Pradesh in south, Karnataka in southwest.
  • Odisha neighbouring state are – Jharkhand and West Bengal in north, Chhattisgarh in west and Andhra Pradesh in south.

Indian States with only one neighbouring State

Meghalaya and  Sikkim are only two Indian states which has only one neighbouring state. Meghalaya borders with Assam only; Sikkim borders with West Bengal only.