Interesting Facts about Daman and Diu

Daman and Diu is one of the seven Union territories of India. It is fifth largest union territory by area and stands second last in terms of population. This article is all about historical, geographical, social, religious, cultural, amazing, rare, unknown interesting facts about Daman and Diu union territory.

Quick Basic Facts about Daman and Diu

interesting facts about Daman and Diu

Map of Daman and Diu

  • Capital – Daman
  • Official language – Gujarati, Marathi
  • Main spoken languages – Konkani, Portuguese, Gujarati, Marathi
  • Area – 102 Sq Km
  • Area rank – 5th (among all UTs)
  • Population – 2,42, 911 as per 2011 census
  • Population rank – 6th
  • Population Density – 2400 per Sq Km
  • Literacy Rate – 87.07 %
  • Literacy Rank – 2nd (among all UTs)
  • Sex Ratio – 618
  • No. of Districts – 02
  • No. of Lok Sabha seats -01
  • No. of Rajya Sabha seats – Nil
  • Legislature – Nil
  • Created on – 30 May 1987
  • First Administrator – Gopal Singh

Historical Facts about Daman and Diu

  • Diu was once one of the most important sea port for spice trade in pre-modern times.
  • Battle of Diu was fought between naval forces of Portuguese and Sultan of Gujarat supported by Arabs for control of Diu port in year 1509. The victory of Portuguese solidified their position in western part of India.
  • Daman and Diu along with Goa was freed from Portuguese rule by military operation in 1961. Both remained a common Union Territory till 1987. In 1987 Goa was given the status of independent state while Daman and Diu continued as Union Territory.
  • There is no post of Lieutenant Governor or Chief Minster like Delhi and Puducherry. It is ruled and governed by Administrator. Daman and Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli both are ruled by the same administrator since it was established in 1987.

Geographical Facts about Daman and Diu

  • Daman and Diu are the costal districts of Gujarat. This territory is totally surrounded by Gujarat. Arabian sea marks the western frontier of this territory.
  • Daman is surrounded by Valsad district of Gujarat while Diu is surrounded by Junagadh district.
  • High Court of Mumbai serves as the judiciary of Daman and Diu Union Territory

 Social and Cultural Facts about Daman and Diu

  •  Daman and Diu has high literacy rate of 87.07 % as per 2011 census. If all the states and Union Territories are taken together then Daman and Diu stands at sixth place by literacy. If only Union territories are considered then Daman and Diu is second most literate territory of India.
  • Sex Ratio which is staggering low of just 618 is poorest among all States and Union territories.
  • Culture of Daman and Diu is blend of traditional Gujarati and Maharashtrian culture with some traces of Portuguese customs also.
  • Garba and Dandiya Ras are the most commonly celebrated festivals of this union territory.
  • Daman and Diu is well known for its sea food. Crabs, prawns and lobsters are some of the special delicacies.
  • Fishing and salt farming are the major drivers of economy.
  • Devka beach in Daman and Nagoa beach in Diu are most popular tourist spots.
interesting facts about Daman and Diu

Cannons at the Diu Fort

  • Diu Fort was built in 1526 to safeguard the Portuguese interests in Diu from Mughal Ruler Humayun.
interesting facts about Diu

St. Paul’s Church of Diu

  • St. Paul’s Church which is similar in design like Bom Jesus Basilica of Goa was constructed in year 1610. Both of these churches are built by Portuguese.