Interesting Facts about Lakshdweep Islands

Lakshdweep Islands is one of the seven Union Territories of India. It is located in Arabian sea off the Kerala coast. This article is all about historical, geographical, social, religious, cultural, amazing, rare, unknown interesting facts about Union Territory Lakshdweep Islands.

Quick Basic Facts about Lakshdweep Islands

interesting facts about lakshdweep islands

Map of Lakshdweep Islands

  • Capital – Kavaratti
  • Official Language – Malyalam, English
  • Main spoken languages – Malyalam, Jeseri (dweep bhasha) and Mahl (Dhivehi)
  • Area – 32 Sq Km
  • Area Rank – 7th (last among all Union Territories)
  • Population – 65,473
  • Population Rank – 7th (among all Union Territories)
  • Population Density – 2000 per Sq Km
  • Sex Ratio – 946
  • Literacy – 91.85 %
  • Literacy Rank – First (among all UTs)
  • No. of Districts – 1
  • State Legislature – Nil
  • No. of Lok Sabha seats – 01
  • No. of Rajya Sabha seats – Nil
  • Established on – 1 Nov 1956
  • First Administrator – U. R. Panicker


Historical Facts about Lakshdweep Islands

  • Medieval history confirms the rule of Chola Empire in the Lakshdweep islands.
  • These islands became colonies of Portuguese in middle of 16th century. In the late 18th century the control of these islands came to Tipu Sultan.
  • After the third decisive Anglo Masoore war in which Tipu Sultan was defeated and killed, these islands went to British hands.
  • The earlier name of these islands was Laccadive Islands. It was declared Union Territory in 1956 with new name of Lakshdweep islands.
  • The administrative headquarter was shifted from Calicut (Kerala) to Kavaratti in 1964.


interesting facts about Lakshdweep islands

Sea side tourist cottages

Geographical Facts about Lakshdweep Islands

  • There are total 39 islands in the groups of Lakshdweep Archipelago.
  • Out of 39 only 10 islands are inhabited and remaining others have no population.
  • there are total 3 groups of islands – Amindivi, Laccadive and Minicoy group of islands
  • Androth (4.8 Sq Km area) is the largest inhabited island and closed to Kerala coast.
  • High Court of Kerala at Ernakulam serves as judiciary of this union territory.
  • Coconut is the only crop of Economic importance.
interesting facts about Lakshdweep islands

A naturally serene and beautiful beach of Lakshdweep

  • Cheriyam, Suheli, Valiyakara and Tinakara have been identified  as international tourist spots.
  • Silica and Corals are the only minerals of this territory.
  • Fishing, boat building, tourism are the main drivers of economy. It is known for the production and export of Tuna fish.
  • Oceanic birds generally found are Tharathasi (Sternafuscata) and Karifetu (Anous stolidus). They are generally found in one of the uninhabited island known as Pitti. This island has been declared a bird sanctuary.
  • The only airport of this territory is Agatti island and main sea ports are Kavaratti, Minicoy, Agatti, Kadamatt and Kalpeni.
  • Indian Naval base (INS Dweeprakshak) was established for security reasons and also ensuring smooth trade and exports from these islands.


Social and Cultural Facts about Lakshdweep Islands

  • Saint Ubaidullah Andrott is believed to have preached Islam to the natives of these islands. The grave of Saint Ubaidullah is considered as sacred place.
  • Islam is the chief religion of this territory and more than 90% of the population is of Muslims.
  • Amindivi and Laccadive groups of islands have their tradition and culture similar to coastal malyali people of Kerala. The people of southern Minicoy islands have their culture close to the natives of Maldives. the spoken language of Minicoy is Mahl which is the same as that of Maldives.
  • Many Passenger ships like M V Arabisn Sea, M V Amindivi, M V Minicoy, M V Kavaratti, M V Lakshdweep  etc are used to carry people from Kochi to the islands and vice versa. These ships are greatly adding to Tourism aspects of these islands.