Israel Neighbouring Countries Map

There are total 5 Israel neighbouring countries. These bordering countries include Egypt in southwest, Jordan andNeighbouring Countries of Israel Map Syria in east, Lebanon in northeast. Palestine which presently holds the rank of Non UN Member observer state has two territories namely West Bank and Gaza Strip which shares boundary with Israel. While West Bank lies on northeast  frontier of Israel, Gaza Strip is located on western border near the northern tip Sinai Peninsula.

Border Lengths of Israel Neighbouring Countries 

Total length of International land border of Israel is 1017 Km. Israel shares longest land border with Palestine and smallest border with Syria. Length of border shared by Israel with neighbouring countries are as follows –

  • 307 Km international land border with West Bank and 51 Km border with Gaza Strip which are Palestine parts.
  • Israel shares 266 Km border with Egypt along Sinai Peninsula.
  • 238 Km border with Jordan
  • 79 Km border with Lebanon
  • 76 Km border with Syria

Israel Neighbouring Seas

The total coastal length of Israel is 273 Km. Mediterranean sea in west is the major coastline. Sea of Galilee (Tiberias Lake) in northeast, Dead Sea in east sandwiched between Israel and Jordan and Red Sea (Gulf of Aqaba) in south provide comparatively smaller coastal lengths. This is to note that Sea of Galilee is a freshwater lake and not to be confused with saline sea.

Status of Golan Heights

Golan Heights which was originally a territory of Syria was captured by Israel during 6 day war of 1967. This region is controlled and administered by Israel since then. Although many times initiatives were taken to return the Golan Heights back to Syria in exchange of peace agreement but this plan never materialized. Since then this region has been the source of territorial conflict between Israel and Syria.