Countries with Longest Land Borders and most Neighbouring Countries

The list below explains various facts regarding longest land borders of different countries, total number of surrounding neighbouring countries, maximum shared land border length and least border length between two countries. This article also answers different questions like i) which country has longest border in the world ?, ii) Which is the longest border between two countries and its length ? , iii) Which country shares its borders with maximum number of countries ?

longest land borders


Countries that Borders maximum number of Countries

  • China is the country which has maximum number of Bordering Countries. China borders with 14 number of countries.  (The number of China borders will become 16 if Hong Kong and Macau are also included). These countries are India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Bhutan and Nepal. In other words it can also be said that China has maximum neighbouring countries in the world or China has most borders with other countries.
  • Russia also has 14 number of bordering countries and thus Russia stands at second place on the list of maximum neighbouring countries.
  • If all overseas territories are included then France comes on third place with 11 Bordering Countries .  If oversea territories of France are not considered then mainland France has only eight bordering countries and thus Brazil comes at third place with 10 number of Bordering Countries.

Countries with Longest Land Borders and Length

(Country which has longest international border length)

  • China has longest international border length in whole world. Its total border length is 22147 Km.
  • Russia stands second with total international border length of 22,107 Km.
  • Brazil is on third position with total international border length of 14,691 Km.
  • India is on fourth place in terms of length of International Border.  India has a total international border length of 14,103 Km.

 Longest Land Border length between two Countries

  • Canada and US shares longest international border of length is 8891 Km. This also includes the Canada’s 2475 Km long border with Alaska. This border is not continuous because Alaska is located far away from mainland United States. If continuous international border is considered then United States-Canada border comes at second position.
  • Kazakhstan and Russia shares second longest international border between any two countries. The length is 6846 Km. If continuous border length is considered then border length between Russia and Kazakhstan becomes longest.
  • Argentina and Chile shares third longest international land border of 5150 Km.

 Countries that Border Minimum number of Countries

  • There are nineteen (19) countries in world which have only one bordering country. These countries arranged from east to west are – Papua New Guinea, South Korea, Timor-Leste, Brunei, Qatar, Bahrain, Cyprus, Lesotho, San Marino,  Vatican City, Monaco, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Gambia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Canada.

 Countries with minimum total Land border length

  • Vatican City is the country which has least international border of just 3.2 Km.
  • Monaco has second least total land border of 4.4 Km.
  • San Marino has third least total land border of 39 Km.

 Shortest Land border of countries

  • India and Sri Lanka shares least international border of just 100 m at Adam’s Bridge.
  • Botswana and Zambia shares minimum border length of about 150 meter.
  • Gibraltar which is ruled by UK shares 1.2 Km Boundary with Spain.
  • Vatican City and Italy shares border length of 3.2 Km .
  • Monaco and France shares border length of 4.4 Km.
  • Palestine and Egypt shares border length of 11 Km.