List of Conventional and Nuclear Submarines of India

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List of Nuclear Submarines of India

INS Chakra S71Akulya II Nuclear power, attack submarinein active service
INS Chakra K 43CharlieNuclear power, cruise missile type, attack submarineDe-commissioned in 1991Served in Indian Navy from 1988-91.
INS Arihant S73Arihant classNuclear power, SSBN (equipped with SLBM)Commissioned quietly in Oct 2016
INS Aridhman S74Arihant classNuclear power, SSBN (equipped with SLBM) more powerful than ArihantUnder construction at VizagExpected commissioning Feb 2018

List of Conventional Submarines of India

SubmarineClassTypeStatusCommissioned onRemarks
INS Kalvari S50Kalvari ClassDiesel Electric based, attack submarineInducted in Indian Navy14th Dec 2017Built in India by Mazagon Dock Ltd, mumbai with collaboration of France
INS Sindhughosh S55Sindhughosh ClassDiesel Electric based, attack submarinein active service30' April 1986Caught fire during explosion of Sindhurakshak on 14 Aug 2013
INS Sindhdhwaj S56 Sindhughosh ClassDiesel Electric based, attack submarinein active service12' June 1987
INS Sindhuraj S57Sindhughosh ClassDiesel Electric based, attack submarinein active service20' Oct 1987
INS sindhuvir S58Sindhughosh ClassDiesel Electric based, attack submarinein active service26' Aug 1988
INS Sindhuratna S59Sindhughosh ClassDiesel Electric based, attack submarinein active service22' Dec 1988Caught fire off-mumbai coast on 26 Fen 2014
INS Sindhukesari S60Sindhughosh ClassDiesel Electric based, attack submarinein active service16'Feb '1989
INS Sindhukirti S61Sindhughosh ClassDiesel Electric based, attack submarinein active service9 'Dec ' 1989Major repairs at Hindustan Shipyard from 2006 to 2015
INS Sindhuvijay S62Sindhughosh ClassDiesel Electric based, attack submarinein active service8' March ' 1991
INS Sindhurakshak S63Sindhughosh ClassDiesel Electric based, attack submarineinactive16' Feb ' 1995Caught major fire at mumbai dock on 14 Aug 2013 due to which it sank killing all 18 crew on-board
INS Sindhurashtra S64Sindhughosh ClassDiesel Electric based, attack submarinein active service19'July'2000

Detail Information and Facts about Submarines of India

Indian Nuclear Submarine : INS chakra

  • Originally Built by – Russia
  • Original Name – K 152 Nerpa
  • Displacement – 8140 Tons
  • Dimension (Length x Beam x Draught) – 111.7 x 13.5 x 9.6 mt

This is an Akula class submarine which was originally built by Amur Shipbuilding Plant, Russia. This submarine was commissioned in Russian Navy in year 2009 and after serving 3 years there, it was given on lease to India for a period of 10 years. This submarine was commissioned in Indian Navy as INS Chakra II in April 2012. This submarine is a nuclear powered attack submarine which unlike the conventional diesel electric submarines can remain below the sea water for long duration of time.

INS Sindhughosh

  • Originally Built by – Sevmash, a shipbuilding company at Severodvinsk, Russia
  • Original Name –
  • Displacement –  3076 Tons
  • Dimension (Length x Beam x Draught) – 72.6 x 9.9 x 6.6 meter
  • Range – 9700 Km
  • Depth – 240 meter

This submarine was originally commissioned in former USSR (soviet union) in 1986. This is a totally different class od submarine called Sindhughosh which is diesel engine driven attack submarine. All the submarines of this class have a maximum depth of 300 mt and can attain a maximum cruising speed of 17 Knots. On 14 August 2013, INS Sindhurakshak also caught minor fires during the explosion that occurred in INS Sindhurakshak. In year 2008, INS Sindhughosh collided with a merchant ship MV Leeds Castle which caused minor damage to the hull.

INS Sindhurakshak

  • Originally Built by – Admiralty Shipyard, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Original Name –
  • Displacement – 3076 Tons
  • Dimension – 72.6 x 9.9 x 6.6 meter
  • Range – 9700 Km
  • Depth – 240 meter

This submarine is also of the same class as of Sindhughosh which makes all the structural and design related parameters to be similar. This submarine was commissioned in Indian Navy on 24 Dec 1997. APJ Abdul Kalam was the first and only president of India who boarded and sailed in this submarine near Vishakhapatnam offshore in year 2006. This submarine was again sent to Zvezdochka Shipyard, Russia for overhaul. After overhauling this submarine returned back to India in June 2013. On 14 Aug 2013, just on the eve of Independence day, a major fire broke out causing explosions in ordnance. The Sumarine was damaged and sunk in Mumbai Dock. All the 18 onboard crew members of the submarine were dead.

INS Shishumar

  • Originally Built by – Kiel, Germany
  • Displacement –  1850 Tons
  • Dimension  – 64.4 x 6.5 x 6 mt
  • Range – 15000 Km
  • Depth – 260 meter

INS Shishumar is totally different class submarine which is outside from Russia. This submarine was built originally by HDW (Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werf ), a German shipbuilding company. It has a maximum range of 8000 nautical miles and can cruise at maximum speed of 22 knots.

INS Shalki

  • Built by – Mazagon Dock, Mumbai
  • Displacement –  1850 Tons
  • Dimension – 64.4 x 6.5 x 6 mt
  • Range – 15000 Km
  • Depth – 260 mt

INS Shalki is also a Shishumar class which is diesel electric type conventional submarine of Indian Navy. This is the first submarine which was built totally in India by Mazagon Docks, Mumbai with collaboration from Germany. The project of INS Shalki was launched by former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1987 and was commissioned in year 1992. Mazgaon docks also built one more submarine of this class – INS Shankul, which was commissioned to Indian Navy in year 1994.

Indian Nuclear Submarine : INS Arihant

Nuclear Submarines of India

INS Arihant

  • Built by – Shipbuilding Centre, Vishakhapatnam
  • Displacement – 6000 Tons
  • Dimension – 111 x 15 x 11 mt
  • Range – unlimited
  • Depth – 350 mt

INS Arihant is the state of art submarine developed by Indian Navy. Arihant which means “annihilator of enemies” is India’s first indigenous nuclear powered submarine. This submarine is technologically more superior than other submarines of Indian Navy. This submarine is powered by nuclear fuel (40 % enriched Uranium). This submarine is also an example of SSBN (Submerged Ship Ballistic – Nuclear) which is equipped with SLBM (Submarine launched Ballistic Missile).  The power of the submarine can be estimated from the fact that it carries a nuclear reactor of 83 MW power capacity. Its vigorous sea trials are finished and as per media reports it was quietly commissioned to Indian Navy in Oct 2016. This sub carries 4 numbers of K4 missiles (3500 Km range) and 12 numbers of K15 Sagarika missiles (700 Km range). The importance of this submarine is considered by the fact that it gives India the capability to strike second considering India’s no first use of Nuclear weapon policy. India already had the ability to strike nuclear missiles from surface and from air. This submarine completes the nuclear triad of India giving the freedom of launching nuclear attacks from any where be it land, air or sea. The project INS Arihant was launched by the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in year 2009.

Future Submarine of Indian Navy : INS Kalvari

  • Originally Built by – Mazagon Docks, Mumbai
  • Displacement – 1555 Tons
  • Dimension (Length x Beam x Draught) – 61.7 x 6.2 x 5.4 mt
  • Range – 12000 Km
  • Depth – more than 350 mt

INS Kalvari is the first of the Kalvari class which is built by India with collaboration from France. A total of 6 submarines (S50, S51, S52, S53, S54, S55 and S56) of this class is to scheduled to be built. This submarine is conventional type which is powered by diesel engines. Kalvari class submarines have some unique features which differentiates it from the remaining submarines. This submarines are equipped with stealth technology which makes its detection virtually impossible by radars. It is also equipped with guided weapons which hardly missed the targets. The weapons include Black Shark heavyweight Torpedoes and Exocet Anti-Ship missiles. Its hull is constructed of high tensile steel which can withstand greater hydrostatic pressure. This is the reason why Kalvari subs can dive deeper into sea (Depth capacity is more 350 mt).