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List of Indian Missiles with Range, Prithvi, Agni, Brahmos, Nirbhay, Nag etc

Ballistic Missile

Ballistic missiles are basically projectiles. It is governed by the laws of gravity. Ballistic missiles are guided for brief duration just in starting phase of trajectory and the rest of the path is like a free falling projectile under gravity. These missiles are of three types mainly – SRBM, IRBM and ICBM. SRBM stands for short range ballistic missiles, IRBM stands for intermediate range ballistic missiles and ICBMs are the longest range which stands for Inter-continental ballistic missiles. All of the Prithvi and Agni series of missiles are Ballistic type. All the variants of Prithvi are SRBMs while Agni I to Agni IV are IRBM while Agni V and Agni VI are ICBMs.

Cruise Missile

These missiles are guided throughout their trajectory and doesn’t falls freely like a normal gravity bound projectile. These missiles don’t follow the laws of gravity and their path is controlled totally throughout their journey period. These missiles are self navigating and fly at extremely low altitudes to avoid being caught by radars. Level of accuracy in these missiles is extremely high.  Brahmos and Nirbhay are the examples of Cruise missiles of Indian Armed Forces.


Complete List of all Indian Missiles with Range

MissileType, DetailsFrom-ToRangeWeightWar-
Prithvi ISRBMSurface to Surface150 Km4.4 Ton1 TonNot in service
Prithvi IISRBMSurface to Surface350 Km4.6 T0.5 TIn service
Prithvi IIISRBMSurface to Surface600 Km5.6 T0.5 TIn service
DhanushNaval variant of Prithvi IISea to Sea/Surface350 Km4.6 T0.5 TIn service
AkashShort RangeSurface to air30 Km720 Kg60 KgIn service
TrishulShort range for NavySurface to air9 Km130 Kg5 KgNot in service
AstraBeyond visual range, Air to Air80 Km154 Kg15 KgIn service
NagFire and forget, anti tank, guidedSurface to surface, Air to surface4 Km42 Kg8 KgIn service
BrahmosCruise missileLand, Naval, Air300 Km3 T200 KgIn service
NirbhayStealth, subsonic, Cruise Land, Naval, Air1000 Km1 T100 KgDevelopment stage
Agni IMRBM, Single StageSurface to Surface1250 Km12 T1 TIn service
Agni IIIRBM, Two StageSurface to Surface3000 Km16 T1 TIn service
Agni IIIIRBM, Two StageSurface to Surface5000 Km22 T2.5 TIn service
Agni IVIRBM, Two StageSurface to Surface4000 Km17 T2 TIn service
Agni VICBM, 3 stage Surface to Surface8000 Km50 T1.5 TIn service
Agni VIICBM, 4 stageSurface to Surface12000 Km70 T3 TDevelopment stage
ShauryaHypersonic, Canister launchedSurface to Surface700-1900 Km6.2 T1 TIn service
PrahaarTactical Ballistic Missile, Quick reaction, Omnidirectional warheadSurface to surface150 Km1280 Kg200 KgIn service
K4SLBM (Submarine launched ballistic missile)Under water to surface3500 Km17 T2 TIn Development
Sagarika (K15)SLBMUnder water to surface700 Km6 T1 TIn service
Barak 1 SRSAM, (short range surface to air missile) , Ship Defense Ship to air, Ship to surface12 Km98 Kg22 KgIn service, fitted on Shivalik class frigates
Barak 8SRSAM, Ship Defense Ship to air, Ship to surface90 Km275 Kg60 KgIn service, fitted on Kolkata class destroyers

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List of Indian Missiles with Range

Prithvi Missile along with its Mobile Launcher

Detailed List of Indian Missiles with Range (Ballistic Type) : Prithvi

It is India’s first indigenously built tactical “surface to surface” missile. It has a maximum range of 300 Km. It was first test fired in year 1988 from Sriharikota. It was induced into Indian Army in year 1994. Prithvi I is considered as India’s first indigenous ballistic missile. Naval variant of the Prithvi missiles are called Dhanush. The weight of Prithvi missile is about 4.5 to 5 Tons and it is designed to carry warhead of 0.5 Ton. All the variants of Prithvi can carry nuclear warheads. Prithvi I and Prithvi II are based on liquid fuels which increases set-up time before launching thus making these missiles redundant. Prithvi III uses solid fuel which is more reliable as it reduces operational set-up time. Prithvi III has range 350 Km plus which is considerably more than Agni I and Agni II. This is in service from year 2004.

List of Indian Missiles with Range : Trishul

It is a short range “surface to air” missile. It was designed for the primary function of defending naval ships against any missile attack, although it can be used to intercept low flying targets on land also. It has a range of 5 to 9 Km. The weight of the missile is 130 Kg and it can carry warhead up to 5 Kg. It was first successfully test launched in year 1988. This missile has been removed from service in year 2008.

List of Indian Missiles : Akash

List of Indian Missiles with Range

The fully mobile Akash Missiles

It is a medium range multi target surface to air missile. It has capability of maximum range of 25 Km and altitude of 18 Km. Its primary use is to destroy flying targets in air like Fighter jets, and cruise missiles etc. It was successfully test launched in 1990. This missile was first designed by DRDO and it is being produced by Ordnance factories in collaboration with Bharat Dynamics and Bharat Electronics. Its designed weight is 720 Kg and it can carry war head of 60 Kg. It has inbuilt radar system which is used to intercept not only fighter jets but can also neutralise the cruise missiles. It has a speed range of Mach 3. It is fully mobile system and its launching platform is developed in such a way that it can be fitted both on a wheel and track type vehicle.

List of Indian Missiles with range

NAG missile along with prototype of HELINA under trial with Advanced Light Helicopters of HAL

List of Indian Missiles : Nag

It is a third generation, fire and forget type anti-tank guided missile with a range of about 4 Km. It was first test launched in year 1988. The weight of this missile is very less nearly 42 Kg and it can carry warhead of 8 Kg. The reason of such a low weight can be attributed to the fact that its body is completely made up of fibre. It has a unique feature which differentiates it from others is that its smoke is totally invisible. Most of the missiles generally leave heavy long smoke trail. The invisible smoke of Nag ensures that no one can find out the missile came from which direction. The vehicles from which it is test fired is of two types – i) NAMICA and ii) HELINA. NAMICA stands for Nag missile carrier which is land based track type vehicle. HELINA stands for Helicopter Nag which is still in development phase.

List of Indian Missiles : Agni

It is a intermediate to long range ballistic surface to surface missile. Agni series consists of 6 different types namely Agni I, Agni II, Agni III, Agni IV, Agni V and Agni VI. Agni series missiles differ from other missiles in the fact that Agni missiles are multi stage type while other missiles are single stage. Agni 1 is MRBM (Medium Range Ballistic Missile) while Agni II, III and IV comes under the category of IRBM (Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile) while Agni V and VI are ICBM (Inter-continental Ballistic Missile).

Agni I

It has range capability of up to 750-1250 Km. It was first test launched in year 1989. Agni I has a weight of 12 Tons and it can carry nuclear warheads of 1 Ton.

Agni II

It weighs 16 tons and can carry 1 Ton of Nuclear warhead. It has a range of 2000-3000 Km. Agni II was successfully test launched in 1999 at Wheeler island, Balasore, Odisha.

Agni III

Agni III has a range of up to 5000 Km. Its weight is 22 Tons and it can carry nuclear warheads of up to 2.5 Ton.

Agni IV

It has a range of 4000 Km and weight of 17 Ton. It defers from the early series of Agni missiles by the fact that a lot of new technologies were introduced in this variant. The new technologies introduced were Re-Entry to atmosphere heat shield, Composite rocket motor, modern avionics with full digital control system providing very high level of accuracy in hitting the target. It was successfully test fired on 15 No 2011 by road mobile launcher from wheeler islands, Balasore, Odisha

Agni V

It is a three stage type ICBM having weight of 50 tons and warhead capacity of 1.5 ton. Exact range of this missile was never disclosed but as per estimates it is considered to be between 5000 – 8000 Km. This is an upgraded version of Agni III. It was successfully test fired on 19 April 2012. The accuracy level is less than 9 meter which is best among any of the missile built by India. This missile has the capability to hit the across Asia and reach farthest ends of Europe.

Agni VI

It is four stage type ICBM which is still in developmental stage. It is expected to have a weight of 55 to 70 Tons and warhead carrying capacity of 3 Tons. The expected range of this missile is 8000 to 12000 Km.

Ship Defense Surface to Air Missiles (SAM)

K Series Missiles

K4 and K15 are Ship defense surface to air missiles which are basically an example of SLBM (Submarine launched ballistic missiles). K series missiles are named in the memory of the late former President A P J Abdul Kalam. K15 and K4 are both Nuclear missiles. While K15 has a range of 700 Km, the K4 has a high range of 3500 Km. Both of these K series missiles are equipped in recently commissioned Arihant nuclear powered submarine.

Barak Series Missiles

Barak 1 and Bark 8 are the surface to air missiles for Ship defense. Barak series missiles are basically Ship defense missiles which are used against aircrafts, anti-ship missiles. Barak series of missiles are developed as a joint venture between DRDO, India and Israel. While Barak 1 is SRSAM which stands for short range surface to air missile, Barak 8 is LRSAM which means Long range surface to air missile. Barak missiles are fitted on Shivalik class frigates and aircraft carriers INS Virat and INS Vikramaditya.

List of Indian Missiles with Range (Cruise Type) : Brahmos

It is named on Indian river Brahmaputra and Russian river Moskva. It earns the reputation of World’s fastest cruise missile. It was developed as a joint venture between DRDO and Russia. It has speed Range of 3 Mach and range of 300 to 500 Km. Its weight is 3 Tons and it can carry 200 KGs of conventional or nuclear warhead. It has three variants- i) land based,  ii) Naval based, iii) Air and Submarine based. The land based and Naval based are already inducted in service while the Air and submarine based variants are still in development stage. The land based variant was first test fired in 2001 at Chandipur while the Naval based variant was test fired on 5 March 2008 from INS Rajput.

List of Indian Missiles with Range (Cruise Type) : Nirbhay

It is India’s indigenously developed subsonic Cruise Missile. Its range is more than 1000 Km. this missile has the flexibility to be launched from land, air and naval base. The unique feature which distinguishes it from others is that it is completely stealth. Till date there have been four test launches so far. The first launch was conducted on 12.03.2013 was of land based variant. The first Nirbhay missile test failed as it diverted from its trajectory. The second launch was successful on 17 Oct 2014. Third and fourth test launches which were conducted on 16th Oct 2015 and 21st Dec 2016 respectively also failed. DRDO recently announced that technical glitches in the missile have been fixed and this missile will soon be test launched again in mid 2017.