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List of Indian Winners of Ramon Magsaysay Award

List of Indian Winners of Ramon Magsaysay Awards

The table below represents the details of all Indian Winners of Ramon Magsaysay Award. This award is conferred in various categories including government and Public Service, Literature, Journalism etc. This award is very prestigious and holds the rank equivalent to Nobel Awards in Asia.

Some Important Facts about Indian Winners of Ramon Magsaysay Award

  • Acharya Vinoba Bhave was the first Indian to win this prestigious award.
  • The only person from Political background who won this award – Arvind Kejriwal
  • Famous government officials who won this award under Government Service category – C D Deshmukh, Kiran Bedi, T N Sheshan and J M Lyngdoh. C D Deshmukh was the first Indian Bureaucrat who won this award.
  • Famous Indian Musicians and vocalist who won Ramon Magsaysay award are Pandit Ravishankar and M S Subbalakshmi.
  • First Indian woman who won Ramon Magsaysay award – Mother Teresa.
  • First Indian who won Ramon Magsaysay award for Journalism – Amitabh Chowdhury.
  • First India who won this award for community leadership – Acharya Vinoba Bhave.
  • First indian who won this award for Public Service – Jaya Prakash Narayan

Indian Winners of Ramon Magsaysay Award

1958Acharya Vinoba BhaveCommunity Leadership
1959C D DeshmukhGovernment Service
1961Amitabh ChowdhuryJournalism, Literature, Creative communication arts
1962Mother TeresaInternational Understanding
1963Dara N Khurody, Tribhuvandas K Patel and Dr Verghese KurienCommunity Leadership
1965Jaya Prakash NarayanPublic Service
1966Kamladevi ChattopadhyayCommunity Leadership
1967Satyajit RayJournalism, Literature, Creative communication arts
1971M S KamaladeviCommunity Leadership
1974M S SubbalakshmiPublic Service
1975B G VergheseJournalism, Literature, Creative communication arts
1976Sambhu MitraJournalism, Literature, Creative communication arts
1977Ela R BhattCommunity Leadership
1979Rajnikant S Arole and Mabelle R AroleCommunity Leadership
1981Gourkishore GhoshJournalism, Literature, Creative communication arts
1982Arun Shourie, Manibhai Phimbai DesaiJournalism, Public Service
1984R K LaxmanJournalism, Literature, Creative communication arts
1985Muralidhar Devidas AmtePublic Service
1989Lakshmi Chand JainPublic Service
1991K V SubbannaJournalism, Literature, Creative communication arts
1992Pandit Ravi ShankarJournalism, Literature, Creative communication arts
1993Dr Danoo CoyajiPublic Service
1994Kiran BediGovernment Service
1996T N Sheshan, Panduranga AthavaleGovernment Service, Community Leadership
1997M S Mehta, Mahasweta DeviPublic Service, Literature, Journalism
2000Aruna Roy, Literature, Journalism, Creative Arts
2000Jockin ArputhamInternational Understanding
2001Rajendra SinghCommunity Leadership
2002Sandeep PandeyEmergent Leadership
2003Shantha Sinha, James Michael LyngdohCommunity Leadership, Government Service
2004Lakshminarayan RamdasPeace and International Understanding
2005V ShantaPublic Service
2006Arvind KejriwalEmergent Leadership
2007P SainathJournalism, Literature
2008Dr Prakash Amte and Dr Mandaini AmteCommunity Service
2009Deep JoshiCommunity Service
2011Nileema MishraEmergent Leadership
2012Kulendei FrancisCommunity Service
2015Anshu GuptaPublic Service
2015Sanjiv ChaturvediGovernment Service