List of Reservoirs and Dams in Kerala

Indian State Kerala is known for its abundant water resources. A number of important perennial rivers are known to water Kerala throughout the year. Some of the examples of important rivers flowing in Kerala are Periyar, Bharatapuzha, Pamba,  Chaliyar, Chalakudy, Kadalundy, Achankoil, Kallada etc. A number of major dams have been built on these dams to harness the potential from these flowing rivers. A list of major dams in Kerala is tabulated which is as follows –

List of Dams in Kerala

Mullaperiyar Dam

Some of the important dams of Kerala which plays a pivotal role in state’s economy are Idukki dam, Ponmudi dam, Mullaperiyar dam, Peechi dam, Parambikulam dam, Malampuzha dam, Chembukadavu dam and Idamalayar Dam.

Idukki Dam is double arch type dam with a height of 168 meter. Idukki dam is one among the highest arch type dam in Asia. This dam is operated and maintained by KSEB (Kerala State Electricity Board). The installed power capacity of this dam is 780 MW which is highest capacity dam in south India. This dam is supplemented with two other comparatively smaller dams Cheruthoni and Kulamavu. All these three dams together creates a reservoir with catchment area of 60 sq km.

In terms of installed power capacity, Ponmudi dam is the second largest dam of Kerala which is also located in Idukki district. There are 2 numbers 16 MW turbines installed.  Malampuzha dam is yet another significant dam of Kerala. The reservoir associated with this dam is the largest of all dams of Kerala. The total catchment area of the reservoir of this dam is 147.6 Sq Km. This dam is used for mainly irrigation and drinking water supply.

Mullaperiyar dam is the oldest dam of Kerala which was commissioned way back in year 1895. The well known Periyar National park of Thekkady is located near reservoir of this dam.  Although this dam is located in Kerala, but it is operated and maintained by state of Tamil Nadu because most of the catchment area of this dam comes in Tamil Nadu.

Peechi dam located near Thrissur city is mainly irrigation dam. It also supplies drinking water to Thrissur city. This dam has relatively smaller catchment area of 1300 hectare. The dam provides scenic beautiful spots and attracts flocks of tourists.

Dams in Kerala : Informative Facts

  • Highest dam in Kerala : Idukki dam (168.9 m)
  • Longest dam in Kerala : Kanjirapuzha dam (2127 m)
  • Largest power generating dam in Kerala : Idukki dam (780 MW)

List of major dams in Kerala

DamsRiverLength (m)Height (m)Capacity (MW)LocationRemarks
Idukki DamPeriyar365.8168.9780Idukki district
Cheruthoni DamPeriyar650.9138.2Idukki districtOpened in 1976
Chembukadavu DamChaliya2.7Kozhikode district
Mullaperiyar DamPeriyar365.753.6ThekkedyOpened in 1895
Karapuzha DamKabini62528for irrigationWayanad districtOpened in 2004
Malampuzha DamMalampuzha2069115for irrigationPalakkad districtOpened in 1955
Mattupetty DamMuthirappuzhayarMunnar, Idukki districtOpened in 1953
Parambikulam DamParambikulamPalakkad district
Ponmudi DamPanniar2945932Idukki districtOpened in 1963
Peechi DamManali2138.46for irrigationThrissurOpened in 1957
Neyyar DamNeyyar29456Thiruvananthapuram districtOpened in 1958
Kanjirapuzha DamKanjirapuzha 212730.7irrigation typePalakkad district
Siruvani DamSiruvani22457for drinking waterPalakkad districtOpened in 1984
Thenmala DamKallada33585.3for irrigationKollam districtOpened in 1961
Thunakkadavu DamThunacadavu31426.9for irrigationPalakkad districtOpened in 1965