National Emblems of Major Countries

National emblem works as a symbolic representation for a country. National emblem generally depicts the specific tradition and culture for which that country is particularly known. National Emblems of major countries in Europe and America are some times also referred as Coat of Arms. National Emblem of India is lion capital in which four lions are sitting with opposite direction. National motto of India is “Satyamev Jayate” which means truth always triumphs.

Coat of Arms 

It refers to unique designs of the shield used by different militias, military groups, states used in medieval times. In medieval and pre-modern times, these designed shields were used in war-times as a symbolic display of the state. However their use continued till modern times and were accepted as the National Emblems of different countries and states.


Following list explains the National Emblems of major countries of world.

Animals in Coat of Arms/ National Emblems of Major Countries

National EmblemCountryDescription of Emblem
national emblems of major countriesAustraliaKangaroo & Emu holding the shield containing 6 badges each representing 6 states of Australia. On top is 7 pointed star.Each one corners of star represents 6 states and the 7th as Australian Federation.
National Motto - Advance Australia
Emblem of BhutanBhutanDragons surrounding two thunderbolts and lotus flower mounted with jewel. Lotus represents piousness while jewel marks the sovereign power.
No declared National Motto.
Coat of arms of CanadaCanadaImperially crowned Lion holding maple leaf
National Motto - From sea to sea
Five stars represents Communist party and social classes of Maoism. Red circle represents gate to forbidden cityDenmark 3 crowned blue lions with 9 red hearts in golden shield
National Motto - God's help, the love of people, Denmark's strength
national emblems of major countriesFinland Crowned rampant lion striking with sword.
No declared National Motto.
national emblems of major countriesNorwayRampant Lion holding an axe
National Motto - United and loyal until the mountains of Dovre crumble
national emblems of major countriesIndiaLion Capital taken from Ashoka pillar at sarnath in which 4 lions are sitting opposite to each other
National Motto - Satyamev Jayte (Truith Alone Triumphs)
national emblems of major countriesMalaysia Two tigers, crescent, 14 point star with moto Unity is strength
National Motto - Bersekutu Bertambah Mutu (Unity is Strength)
national emblems of major countriesSri Lanka Golden Lion holding a sword in right paw.
No declared National Motto.


Birds in National Emblems of Major Countries

National EmblemCountryDescription of Emblem and Motto
national emblems of major countriesDominicaPair of Sisserou Parrots guarding shield containing lion on top. Shield has four badges each one representing a palm tree, a frog, a canoe and a banana tree.
National Motto - After God, the Earth
national emblems of major countriesEgyptEagle representing National Flag.
National Motto - Life, Health and Well Being
national emblem of major countriesIndonesia Garuda Panchsila is the national emblem. The five badges in the shield represents five Panchsils (Five Principles)- i) Wild Bull, ii) Banyan tree, iii) Paddy and cotton twig, iv) ring chain and v) five pointed Star. Claw of Garuda holding text Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (unity in diversity).
National Motto - Unity in Diversity
national emblems of major countriesSyriaHawk (Falkon) of Quraish holding shield in form of National Flag and holding the text in claw - Syrian Arab Republic
National Motto - Unity, Freedom, Socialism
national emblems of major countriesSouth AfricaRising sun and Secretary Bird, spear with knobkierie, and Protea flower two twigs of wheat and four elephant tusks.
National Motto - Diverse people unite
national emblems of major countriesUnited StatesBald Eagle holding 13 arrows (original 13 states of US) and olive branch in claws and carrying motto text ribbon in beak.
National Motto - E Pluribus Unum ( In God we trust)


Flowers and Trees in National Emblems of Major Countries

National EmblemCountry Description of Emblem & Motto
National emblem of BangladeshBangladeshWater Lily resting on water surrounded by two rice twigs one on each side. On top are four stars and jute leaves (three nos.). Water lily is also the National Flower. Rice represents staple food of Bangladesh and four stars represents four founding principles Nationalism, Democracy, Socialism and Secularism.
No declared National Motto.
national emblems of major countriesBrazilCoffee and Tobacco branches on either sides, Five pointed star, 27 small stars shows 26 states and 1 federal district.
National Motto - Ordem e Progresso (Order and Progress)
national emblems of major countriesHaitiEmblem shows six flags with 3 on either sides of a Palm tree. There are anumber of other things also like canons, anchors, guns, axe, bugule and drum on a green lawn with a ribbon bearing motto- L Únion Fait La Force (Unity makes strength)
National Motto - Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
national emblems of major countriesSaudi ArabiaPalm tree with two cross swords. Palm tree represents country's assets and resources in terms of people, culture and history. Swords represents two kingdoms of Nejd and Hijaz.
National Motto - There is no God other than God and Mohammed is his Prophet.


Other Natural Bodies in National Emblems of Major Countries

National EmblemCountryDescription of Emblem and Motto
Emblem of AzerbaijanAzerbaijanHoly Fire with strands of wheat and Oak. Fire has great importance in this country's culture and tradition and that is why it is also called Land of Eternal Fire. Wheat and Oak represents economy of Azerbaijan.
National Motto - Odlar Yurdu (Land of Fire)
Coat of arms of BelarusBelarusGlobe, rising sun and map of Belarus.
No declared National Motto.
national emblems of major countriesChinaThere are four smaller stars and a big star. The Big star represents Communist party while smaller four stars represents social classes of Maoism. Red circle represents gate to forbidden city.
No declared National Motto.
national emblems of major countriesNepalEmblem contains Flag of nepal, Mount Everest, Male hand holding female hand showing gender equality. Bottom carries a text showing its motto.
National Motto - Janani Janmbhoomi Swargadapi gariyasi (Mother and motherland are greater than heaven)
national emblems of major countriesPakistanCenter of emblem shows main crops of Pakistan's economy - Cotton, tea, jute and wheat. On top is crescent and star in green color. It is surrounded by Jasmine flowers which are also the national flowers of Pakistan.
National Motto - Faith, Unity and Discipline.
national emblems of major countriesTurkeyCrescent and Star in Red. This is also the flag of Turkey.
National Motto - Sovereignty unconditionally belongs to the Nation.
national emblems of major countriesVietnamYello Star in red background showing communist government. Crops and gear for agriculture and industry.
National Motto - Independence, Freedom and Happiness.