PDF File Downloading

How to get the PDF files for articles posted on QuickGS.com

Dear Reader,

 PDF files consumes much storage space and memory than normal web page. In order to run this website fast and have good browsing experience, PDF files are purposely not uploaded. But we can email you the PDF files as per your request.

However, option for getting PDF files is not free but chargeable. A nominal charge is levied to make this website more quality oriented and also to support the authors. The user can pay just Rs. 25 per article and receive the PDF files in their email. Simply drop us a request in “Contact us” at home page or “Leave a Reply” at the end of any web page or you can place your request here also mentioning the name of article/ post. Upon receiving this request, user will be informed Paytm /Bank account number. Once the payment is confirmed, the pdf files will be sent to your email.